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Alder Foundation is a venture justice organization that funds hope, builds community and invests in leaders.

Funding Hope

Building Community

Investing In Leaders

What We Do

The world is in dire need of the redeeming power of hope. The Alder Foundation exists to create, facilitate and fund the releasing of hope into communities around the world.

Our desire is to help create holistic sustainability within organizations that are directly providing hope. This will allow them to, efficiently and effectively, deliver services that provide hope, build community and allow each individual an opportunity to succeed in their own way.

Alder Foundation’s focus on holistic sustainability supports organizations in their becoming fiscally responsible and well funded, while also assisting them in creating a culture in which their leaders are well cared for.

We are committed to building relational bridges between donors, social entrepreneurs, leaders, charities and those passionate about giving hope for the creation of powerful partnerships that maximize the impact on communities.

Our Vision

We exist to see every front line community organization that provides hope become holistically sustainable.

Our Values


Our Team

David Ward – Director

Over the past 20 years, David has helped businesses and non-profit organizations successfully navigate through seasons of significant change and upheaval.

Internationally, he has worked with partners in Asia in both establishing and maintaining business relationships and in providing support and strategic help for aid organizations working with marginalized groups in the region.

David has held a variety of board positions for businesses, as well as for social service and arts organizations. He currently oversees the management and direction of two active foundations

Ronnie Zerr – Director

Ronnie has spent his life working with people; be it working with underprivileged children in the inner city, children with special needs, troubled youth or by coaching sports and building community in his neighbourhood. His professional life has been no different. Over the last 10 years Ronnie has come alongside individuals and organizations who desire to bring about change and build community by caring for others. Having worked both nationally and internationally in England, Romania and Spain, as well as other European countries, Ronnie brings a diverse and well rounded perspective. In addition, his unique experiences have shaped how he leads and serves others, which allows him to be a catalyst for change while inspiring others to do the same.

Phil Morehouse – Director

With a career that traverses executive roles in social work, technology, bio-tech, and mineral exploration, Phil has consistently demonstrated strategic acumen and a passion for innovation. His nearly four decades in management reflect not only a wealth of experience but also a deep understanding of the intricacies of organizational dynamics. Phil’s leadership style is marked by a keen focus on fostering collaboration, nurturing talent, and achieving sustainable growth. He combines this commitment to driving positive change with scrupulous adherence to administrative and financial discipline.

Recognizing the importance of staying ahead in rapidly evolving industries, he has been a catalyst for change for his own organizations and those for whom he consulted, introducing novel ideas and strategies to propel organizations into the future.

Now retired from paid work, he wants to apply his acquired expertise and knowledge to assist charities and foundations wanting to find innovative and improve the ways they impact their target clienteles.

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